Cecilia Macedo by Oscar D'Ambrosio
Fascination of creation

"The poetic Cecilia Macedo is marked by the construction of a visual language in which values

geometries to build a very personal universe of shapes and colors.

It is in the way it deals with these two features that raises a kind of castle of possibilities,

abstracting happenings or thoughts.

His series, are on flocks of birds, reflections or urban landscapes,

They have in common the same make, paints, wall reliefs or jewels.

What predominates is a three-dimensional thinking.

Even in the plans of a frame, there is a procedure that values ​​layer and fold,

conceiving the space as a place to be explored.

Far more important than a particular subject chosen as a starting point

for each group of works, the concept usually developed is what matters.

Thus, the shades on screen, sometimes more watercolor in its nuances,

now characterized by color contrasts are plastic differential constant improvement.

The fascination is established allows each work has an autonomy

although it is connected to a set of designs.

Thus, the interpretation of alternatives are endless and enriching,

because the abstract precisely allows increasing the charm and discussion

on the joints of the design that stimulate one produce increasingly dense".


Oscar D'Ambrosio has a PhD in Education, Art and History of Culture at the University Mackenzie

and master in Visual Arts from the Unesp. Integrates the International Art Critics Association (Section Brazil).


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